I photographed this block of marble at a quarry in Borba, Portugal in 1985. I had a slide film in my tiny Minox camera.

Leg position

The other day I went to the port of Esbjerg, where a lot of people exhibited their works in containers on the occasion of Esbjerg Festival. This day a certain leg angle was very popular.

Banana music

Bananas on shelves in a Netto supermarket, Sædding, Esbjerg, Denmark – like notes in a musical score.


In 1994 I took this selfportrait of Hanne and myself. At that time we enjoyed three dimensional TV transmissions from the winter olympic games in Lillehammer, Norway. 


Early in 1978 I exposed a slide of  the houses in Strandgade, Christianhavn, Copenhagen before the erection of the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 1981 I photographed Islandic actor Arni Petur Gudjonsson in Copenhagen with a Polaroid SX 70 camera. When I was about to press the release button, he approached the camera.

Statue of Liberty

A quarter scale – but complete copy of the Statue of Liberty in New York was donated to the city of Paris by the Parisian community in America to mark the centennial of the French Revolution. The statue was inaugurated July 4, 1889, and it was placed on Île aux Cygnes in River Seine.  In order to meet the Statue of Liberty in Paris I took the metro to Javel/André Citroën. After visiting the statue I walked along Allée des Cygnes to Pont de Bir-Hakeim.  This was in the year 2000, when I photographed in the cemeteries of Paris.


Interior design with spiral staircase from late 70´ties in now abolished Ribe County Seat, Ribe, Esbjerg, Denmark.  

Sun gate

Ribe is the oldest town in the kingdom of Denmark. This gate – found in guesthouse Postgården, Mellemdammen – is from the second half of the 19th century.


A reference on billboards in 2nd arrondissement of Paris to Centuria – the prophecies of Nostradamus published in 1555 – on the occasion of the turn of the century/millenium.

Rococo altar

Saw this Rococo altar in Kliplev Church on my way to Sønderborg, Denmark.

hier niet bellen

In 1978 I found this telephone on a wall in a pub in the city of Amsterdam. By means of a Polaroid SX 70 camera I caught this image.


When I flew to Los Angeles april this year, I saw some meanders from the aeroplane. I photographed them surrounded by a town through a window in the fuselage of a Boing 474-400. Back in Denmark I found out, that the town was Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and the river was Red River of the North.

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