Faroe Islands 2017

by in Faroe Islands autor: Jens Christian Top

Fish hung to dry in the air from a roof hanger in Gjógv on Eysturoy.
View of Tórshavn with the church Vesturkirkjan in the middle and the ferry Ternan on the way to Nolsoy in the background.
The cemetery at the cathedral in Tórshavn.
Government buildings in the district of Tinganes in old Tórshavn.
Magnus Cathedral in Kirkjubøur was built on the initiative of Bishop Erlendur of the Faroe Islands from around 1300 - it was never completed.
View of Sandoy from Olav Church in Kirkjubøur on Streymoy.
The Eidi district with about 600 inhabitants is located on the northwest corner of Eysturoy.
Painter Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir among her own paintings in her studio in Eidi.
Natural harbor at the village Gjógv on Eysturoy.
Grass is torn together in the village Gjógv on Eysturoy. Kalsoy is seen in the background.
A grave with a quote from the Bible in the village Gjógv on the northeast Eysturoy.
The altarpiece in Gøta Church in Gøtugjógv is a stained glass window with Jesus on the cross by the Faroese visual artist Tróndur Patursson.
Edward Fuglø room at National Gallery of the Faroe Islands, Listasavn Føroya in Tórshavn
Lithographer Jan Andersson shows two lithographs of the Faroese visual artist Zacharias Heinesen in the lithographic workshop Steinprent in Tórshavn.
Zacharias Heinesen at one of his latest works in his studio in Tórshavn.
The organ and galleries in Tórshavn Cathedral, also called Havnar Church. The cathedral was built in 1788.
Light in the strait between Streymoy and Eysturoy near Hósvik.
Children playing in a small lake at Hoyvikar Church in Tórshavn.
Cross with a broken sculpture of Jesus Christ by danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen at the old cemetery, Gamli Kirkjugardur in Tórshavn.
A decorated chest of drawers in the entrance of the William Heinesen Museum in Tórshavn. It is William Heinesen, who in his time has made the decoration.

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