by in black & white, France, history autor: Jens Christian Top

Playing cards - Jardin du Luxembourg
Firefighters - Rue Baltard
In the street - Boulevard Saint-Michel
At a crossroads - Boulevard Raspail/Rue du Montparnasse/Rue Notre Dame des Champs
Walking the dog - Quai Megisserie
Vehicles - Boulevard Saint-Michel
Playing with lawn sprinkler - Jardin du Luxembourg
Policeman removing chairs from a fountain - Jardin du Luxembourg
Policeman removing chairs from a fountain - Jardin du Luxembourg
Lady with an umbrella - Jardin du Luxembourg
In the city - Rue Bercy
Les Abbatoirs - Avenue Jean Jaurès
At the May 1 demonstration - Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire/Rue Commines
Crowd at the May 1 demonstration - Boulevard Saint-Martin
Buddhists in the street - Rue de la Harpe/Rue Saint-Séverin
Refurbishing a business - Rue Saint-Séverin
Catholic plaster figures in rows - Parc de la Villette
Poster - La Défense
Philosopher speaking - Jardin du Luxembourg
On benches - Jardin du Luxembourg/Rue Auguste Comte

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