by in black & white, Denmark autor: Jens Christian Top

Niels Jensen in his living room - Over Slebsager - 1993
Anna Olesen crocheting in her kitchen - Fåborg - 1993
Farmer Jakob Nielsen, his puddle ”Fudde” and his assistant Hanne Jørgensen - Fåborg - 1993
Chimney sweeper at work - Over Slebsager - 1993
Master tailor Eigil Andersen and tailor´s apprentice Hans Jørgen Hansen - Nordenskov - 1995
Olga Johansen in her kitchen - Hjortkær - 1996
Tilde and Børge Jeppesen in their dining room - Fåborg - 1994
Theodor Schmidt and his assistant in their workshop - Jyllerup - 1993
Landlady Anna Hansen with guests in the pub Skonger Kro - Næsbjerg - 1994
Tilde and Børge Jeppesen in their Kitchen - Fåborg - 1994
Farmer Svend Aage Skovløber Hansen with his Simmentaler cows - Fåborg - 1993
The cooperative in the evening - Fåborg - 1994
Outside a textile business - Nordenskov - 1994
Erik Bøgesvang Lund in his kiosk - Agerbæk - 1993
Fishmonger - Fåborg - 1993
The cooperative celebrating 75th anniversary - Fåborg - 1994
Winter - Fåborg - 1996
Putting lights on the Christmas tree - Fåborg - 1994
Olga Johansen blowing harmonica - Hjortkær - 1996
Svens Åge and Alma Skovløber Hansen in their henhouse - Fåborg - 1995

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