by in USA autor: Jens Christian Top

Footprints of a painter - Bakersfield, Kern County
Freeway - Los Angeles
Driver - Los Angeles
Mountains - Hart Flat, Kern County
Bible in a church - Oakhurst, Madera County
Tire shine and vacuum - Selma, Fresno County
Electricity meter - Berkeley, Alameda County
Rush hour - San Francisco
Meeting - San Francisco
Man with dogs - Berkeley, Alameda County
At Sct. Patrick´s Catholic Church - San Joaquin County
Semi truck - Stanislaus County
Half Dome - Yosemite National Park
Magazines in a supermarket - Aptos, Santa Cruz County
An old Chevrolet 6500 tow truck - Bakersfield, Kern County
Problems with an automobile - Tehachapi, Kern County
Houses - San Francisco
Customers in a supermarket - Berkeley, Alameda County
Cleaning up a water channel - Bakersfield, Kern County
Single family houses - Lennox, Los Angeles