Shetland Islands 2003

by in history, Scotland autor: Jens Christian Top

Houses - Lerwick
A carpet on a grave in the cemetery - Hamnavoe, Yell
A cemetery by the sea - Lerwick
Cemetery at the sea - Rerwick, Ireland, South Mainland
Toolshed - Papil, West Burra
Flowers in the cemetery protected against the wind and rabbits - Rerwick, Ireland, South Mainland
A window is removed from a church - Tingwall, Mainland
Church window - Tingwall, Mainland
Cemetery - Tingwall, Mainland
Flowers in a plastic box fixed with pegs in the cemetery to be protected against the wind and rabbits - Tingwall, Mainland
Gravestones in the cemetery - Lerwick
Residential houses - Lerwick
At the coast - West Burra
In the city - Lerwick
Bridge over Grunasound - Bridge End, East Burra
Cemetery by a farm - Isbister, Northmavine
Container and a bus stop - Urafirth, Northmavine
Town by the sea - Sandwick, South Mainland
Houses at sunset - Lerwick
Evening in the city - Lerwick

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