by in Denmark, history, projects autor: Jens Christian Top

On the deck of industrial trawler E100 "Betty Børsmose"
The crew cast the trawl
The floats are cast out
The floats are in the water
The trawl is passed from roller to heads
The heads are attached to the wire
The heads are the last items into the water
The skipper is working in the wheelhouse
Several trawlers are working in the area
The trawl is dragged
The second mate is waiting for the heads
The line for taking in the trawl is thrown over the heads
The trawl is on the way in
The trawl is pulled in between the guide rods
The skipper operates the winch from the wheelhouse
The fish are taken in
The leading seaman opens the purse by pulling the release string
The fish rain down into the intake box
The second mate shovels ice into the augur, which conveys it to the fish
The leading seaman ties the end of the purse
The engineer keeps an eye on the distribution of the fish
The catch
The catch of sand eels mixed up with ice
The cook at the stove
Wake after sunset

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