Momentum #2

Exhibits December 2nd – January 14th, 2017 with members of Danish Visual Artists in Janusbygningen, Tistrup, Denmark.


From August 5th to September 3rd I´m a part of an exhibition with 17 members of Danish Visual Artists at Nicolai Kunst & Design in Kolding, Denmark – the title is “Fra Arkivet”. The exhibition is made in collaboration with Kolding City Archives, and every single artist shows works based on material from Kolding City Archives.  My choice is based on Saxildhus – a former sidewalk restaurant in Kolding vis-a-vis the railway station.  I have mixed images from Kolding City Archives with a single photo from my family album – taken at the sidewalk restaurant of Saxildhus around 1960. Vernissage August 4th 15-17 at Nicolai Kunst & Design, Skolegade 2, Kolding.


The octagonal baptistery in Hjerting Church is designed by danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen. Lit bulbs in the ceiling are reflected in the surface.  

Poetry in motion

Preparing an art exhibition in Tistrup, Varde, Denmark.

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